How to Make Friends with Wildlife

Starting a lasting friendship with wildlife is just like making a new human friend, except with animals it’s often more genuine.  The animal kingdom is dependably honest and utterly truthful, even when a starving animal sees you as a drum stick or a frightened bird feels you as a threat.  Wildlife bear their souls to you with an open heart the minute you meet one another and if you too open your senses to their unique language of sound, posture and energy, they will share their world with you in ways you can only dream of.

Now all friendships, wild or tame, require committment and this is possibly why you may not have the neighborhood crow or raccoon sitting at your table for dinner or at least picnicking in your yard with you when you call them in.  Wildlife friendships require a trust factor that humans are willing to throw to the wind when it comes to other two-legged relationships.  Unlike humans, animals do not give their power away to others and will simply run away from such unloving relationships.

Animals see your truth, so it can take time to build your new wild friendships as you shed your fears and over-powering energy.  But of course, just like meeting humans, you’ll find some individuals just not resonating with you.  One night while sleeping on my porch I met just an individual.  I was having a lovely dream chatting with the moon until she suddenly started to growl.  I said, “Dear Moon, what a strange thing for you to be doing.”  I immediately woke and with sleepy, blurred eyes found a cougar crouching six steps away.  I chose not get up and shake paws with him.  instead, I sent him away like one does with a highly skilled, pressure tactic salesman trying to sell you a timeshare.  You have to become like a jedi knight and shine your power of light and love with such brilliance and force that nothing dark can withstand it.  With my fearless thoughts I silently demanded that cougar to get up and walk back into the forest.  And so he immediately did.  I was not filled with streamlined feelings of aggression or puffed up ego either.  It’s a feeling of knowing boldness, of such immense brightness that you feel as if you will expand like the infinite universe until your words are heeded.

I decided to look for a less “sneaky” relationship and I turned to memories of my first invisible friend; a chipmunk.  Meet my new friend Babaji Flying Carpet…

P1090564    P1090566    P1090569

This flying squirrel isn’t sitting on my pillow at night or eating from my hand just yet, as Buckley did when I lived in a chicken feed shed while building my cabin, but every night when I blow out my candles I hear a soft thump as he glides onto my roof and we share a midnight snack together, within hands reach.

May you give yourself the gift of vulnerability within your wild and human relationships.


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  2. Stephanie Shockley says:

    This is awesome. I’ve always wanted to make friends with animals. Want to be sitting on the grass one day and a lot of animals come up to me and lay around me. That would be a dream come true.

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