Manta Ray Magic

Besides surfing, my favorite thing to do here in Hawaii is to swim with manta rays and dolphins, so I set out to manifest my manta ray/dolphin dream…


Within five minutes on the stand up paddle board my friend and I spot a manta ray.  It’s very rare to see any in the daytime as you usually have to go out at night with lights to attract them.  Mantas are like flying angels of the ocean and swimming next to these big rays is like being in an ocean heaven.  Then during a surf session I somehow managed to paddle out in time to meet a huge pod of spinner dolphins.  They surrounded me, leaping and spinning all around.  As I swam and dove with them I could hear their chatty, buzzy voices.  We had a lengthy conversation in dolphin buzzes that I definitely am not fluent in, but I’m quite sure they understood my laughter. Laughter must be universal.  That night we paddled out to find the nighttime manta rays.  Normally I would have been a little disappointed to be surrounded by 13 boats and probably 70 people in the water, as normally it’s just my friend and I out there, but I decided not to let anything take my joy away.  A tour boat guide even offered us to hang onto his gigantic light with the rest of his guests.  I nearly cried at the sheer beauty of the mantas, coming within inches of us as they scooped up the plankton the lights were attracting for them.  It was the most magical show I have ever seen.  And one even touched me with its wing.  A wise friend of mine always reminds me that, “Miracles don’t cause joy, Joy causes miracles.

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