Becoming Wild – The Book





BECOMING WILD is an amazing and intimate chronicle of a young woman’s experiences learning to survive and eventually thrive along the rugged, isolated rainforest of British Columbia, for eighteen months. With a meager amount of modern items, Nikki, her feral cat, and a virtual stranger, Micah Fay, achieve their inexplicable childhood dreams of facing life with stone-age tools and primitive technology, hand-crafting all they needed for survival, from cedar-bark rope to bone-barbed fish hooks, medicinal plant remedies to gourmet wild meals, baskets to bows and arrows.

A bestselling book, Becoming Wild not only tells of unimaginable encounters with the very wildlife that captures our hearts and feeds our fears, but of the hilarious predicaments and physical, mental and spiritual challenges nature illuminates.  Her insights on living an authentic life, overcoming our limitations, developing our intuitions, letting go of fear, trusting our open hearts, finding “true” freedom and awakening to an ever present universal power – inspires all with a compelling dream of their own.


“Not being an outdoors person, I was an unlikely candidate to find this book so captivating! I found it so totally absorbing I couldn’t put it down.” – JI Boehn

Set in the Broughton Archipelago where she now lives – a maze of isolated islands in the Pacific Northwest– Becoming Wild is her story of primitive survival and a heart awakening.  Told in a voice that is both familiar and vulnerable, Nikki explores our innate longings to connect with nature and revert to a pure Eden-like state.  Her story is a deeply personal and honest account of self-discovery and transformation.  She is not your stereotypical survivalist.  She began her journey as a privileged, fashionable “city dweller” and now finds herself a confident, awakened “forest dweller,” balancing both worlds.  The charming aspect of her story is that she brings her femininity with her into the wild and into her story.

Nikki revels in the re-telling of her life in the wilderness.  Her spirit, passion, energy, personal courage and excitement for life reverberate throughout her highly interactive presentations.  As an experienced and engaging speaker, Nikki offers a unique perspective and incredible insight into our place – and future place – in this world.


Nikki has been praised by media, host venues, and packed audiences alike as an “amazing storyteller,” “an inspiration,” and “the most genuine person I have ever met.”


 “My publisher and I are still receiving beautiful words of praise and support for the book, which I am very grateful.  Thank you to everyone who has supported, encouraged and helped make my first book #7 for the year


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