Becoming Wild – Day Tours




“The best way to explore the hidden treasures of the Broughton Archipelago.”


Whether traveling in your own boat or vacationing at a nearby resort, Becoming Wild Ventures provides the ultimate in ecotourism adventures. Travel to this remote wilderness paradise along the spectacular coastline of beautiful British Columbia. Journey back in time to discover the mysteries of the natural world and the forgotten ways of the past.

Play with dolphins, witness primitive fire-making, savor wild meals, feed eagles, wander through wildflowers, picnic amid totem poles and listen to legends and stories of survival, during our one-of-a-kind speed-boat tours or customize a presentation for you and your guests aboard your own boat.   We custom-tailor every adventure to help make your wilderness dreams come true.

This is the wilderness one dreams about. A place of abundant wildlife, rich tidal waters, gigantic trees, and peaceful silence. It’s a region steeped in myth and history, including First Nation village sites, white-shell beaches, ancient pictographs, forgotten homesteads and secrets only the locals know.  There are adventures for all ages and fitness levels.


“It was our good fortune to meet Nikki, the forest dweller, and her infectious
smile. It is difficult to describe her. She is a self-described
“survivalist”. She’s not the weird kind of survivalist who thinks the world is
going to end tomorrow. But, one who has the utmost respect for and interest in
the natural world around her.” -The Sneeds


Our desire to learn more about the natural world and the forgotten ways of the past can recapture a lost sense of connection and a lost sense of self. Though not necessary for survival anymore, the primitive skills continue to bring us a real sense of self-reliance, self-confidence, and a deep sense of appreciation for what modern civilization has given us. Such wisdom can only enrich our lives in this rapidly-changing world. It is my belief that by “becoming wild” we will not only increases our awareness, but opens our wild hearts and this is the most powerful way to change the world.