Speaking Presentations


NIKKI VAN SCHYNDEL is an expert primitive survivalist and author of the B.C. bestselling book, Becoming Wild,   which chronicles her deeply personal and honest account of surviving and eventually thriving off the land and sea with primitive tools and technology for 18 months.  She abandoned her life of pedicured toes, Thai restaurants, and diamond rings for dirty nails, roasted mice, and bear-claw necklaces.

“Nikki succeeded in reaching the ‘stone age living’ level all of us in the field wish we could pull off. It is an understatement to say that she in now one of the most highly trained earth skills educator in the field.  We don’t know of more than a couple other people who claim to have accomplished what she has.”  – Chris Chisholm of Wolf College

Nikki revels in the re-telling of her life in the wilderness with her feral cat and now best friend, Micah Fay. Her spirit, passion, energy, personal courage and excitement for life reverberate throughout her highly interactive presentations.   She not only tells of unimaginable encounters with the very wildlife that captures our hearts and feeds our fears, but of the hilarious predicaments and physical, mental and spiritual challenges nature illuminates. Her insights on living an authentic life, overcoming our limitations, developing our intuitions, letting go of fear, trusting our open hearts, finding “true” freedom and awakening to an ever present universal power – inspires all with a compelling dream of their own.  As an experienced and engaging speaker, Nikki offers a unique perspective and incredible insight into our place – and future place – in this world.

 Nikki has been praised by media, host venues, and packed audiences alike as an “amazing storyteller,” “an inspiration,” and “the most genuine person I have ever met.”


Depending on a person’s viewpoint, I’m either asked,  “Why didn’t you leave?”  or “Why did you come home?”  And both answers are simple.  Even when I had to fall sleep and wake up in a puddle of water with a wet, smelly cat sleeping next to my face, I didn’t want to leave.  I couldn’t.  For the first time I felt truly alive.  The suffering and hardships I went through in the beginning when I hadn’t learned the lessons of what it meant to be a “true” survivor, were worth it.  Which leads into the next question… I had never felt such happiness or freedom in all my life.  I lived with nothing but had everything.  I never wanted to leave, but I realized that if I really wanted to make a difference in the world, inspire change in the hearts of people and help others manifest their biggest dreams for life too,  I had to share my story.

“Nikki is the real thing and she is all that you might imagine. Focused, self-reliant, competent and inspiringly alive. Her rite of passage reminds us all of our own possibilities.” – Wes Gietz co-author of Peak States of Consciousness