On-board & Campfire Storytelling



Hear the stories of the modern “Daisy Crocket”…

“An evening of entertainment that will be the highlight of your holiday.”

Custom-tailor an unforgettable evening of laughter and inspiring storytelling. Hear tales of survival, legends of the coast, and unbelievable encounters with the wildlife that touches our hearts and feeds our fears.  Imagine sleeping with a cougar, being sniffed by a wolf, sneaking up on grizzlies or catching fish on bone-barbed, wooden hooks.

This is the perfect gift for family gatherings, visiting guests, rainy days, and evenings with friends. Ask all the questions you’ve always wanted to know, learn the skills of a raincoast survivor, and view a private, museum quality display of primitive tools, weapons, and crafts.  This is the best rainy day activity the Broughton Archipelago has to offer.

Wherever you are, whether anchored or at a marina, we’ll come to you – aboard your own boat or around a private campfire.


” You won’t believe the stories she shares. Nikki has the gift of storytelling with her delightful self-deprecating sense of humor. She had our family belly laughing with tears streaming down our cheeks for two solid hours. She tells her stories with amazing modesty, grace and humor.”  – Charlie


daisy crocket and Cricket